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The benefits of pre-paid funeral plans

The benefits of James McMullan & Son’s pre-paid funeral plan

Taking out a pre-paid funeral plan is a very practical and cost-effective method of arranging your funeral in advance.  Here are just some of the main advantages of pre-paid funeral plans explaining their increasing popularity in society.

Pay your funeral director’s fees in advance

A funeral plan allows you to fix your funeral director’s costs, as listed in the plan paperwork. Providing James McMullan & Son carry out your funeral and there is no change to your requirements, these costs are covered. Most plans include a significant contribution towards third party costs too.  These are known as disbursements and are beyond the control of the funeral director so may increase over time. But fundamentally, your family will not be left to pay for the services provided directly by your funeral director. Therefore, no matter how much a funeral director’s prices may increase, for whatever reason, their costs are fixed at the original price on the plan.

Prevent difficult decisions for your family

When a loved one dies, one of the first things the family has to deal with is arranging the funeral. If you have ever been responsible for this, you will appreciate how difficult this time can be. Your thoughtfulness in making the arrangements you choose, by having a pre-paid funeral plan in place, will make things much easier for those you care for. We can match your wishes and budget to a funeral plan which is right for you. No-one has to worry what happens later – especially you.

Choose the service you want

Whether you are someone who is wholly bothered about arranging your funeral service or not, there may be one or two arrangements you’d prefer to have. By taking out a pre-paid funeral plan, you can discuss specific arrangements with your funeral director so that when the time comes, the service you have requested can be carried out.

Reduce the value of your estate

For some people there can be real benefits in reducing the value of their estate in later life. For example, those in care, are responsible for the cost of their own care provision until the value of their estate dips below a determined amount. Therefore by purchasing a funeral service in advance, you are able to reduce the value of your estate and ensure that no money will need to be taken out of it when you pass away to pay for your funeral service.

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