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Arranging a Funeral

A Funeral helps to acknowledge someone we have loved or known and provides an opportunity to talk, remember and honour the life of the person who has died.

Arranging the Funeral

You will be guided through every step of arranging the funeral. We want to make sure that you can arrange the funeral for your loved one in the way that you want. Here at James McMullan & Son, we will help you to create a funeral which both honours and respects your loved one, either plain and simple or as elaborate as you wish.

Once we have been contacted, we will arrange for you to call at our office or a funeral director to call at your home.

We will discuss your requirements, aiming to reflect any wishes of the deceased and make plans accordingly. We will complete any relevant forms and give guidance on registering the death which must take place before the day of the funeral.

Where the deceased will rest until the funeral

Increasingly it is the choice of the family that the deceased rest at our Funeral Home prior to the Funeral Service being held whether it be at the Funeral Home or at a Church. Alternatively we can arrange to take the coffin home.

Service Venue

The funeral service can take place at the Funeral Home, home, church, at the graveside or crematorium  In the past we have arranged for funerals to take place in venues such as a football pitch and a hotel.

Choosing a Coffin

We have a selection of traditional coffins including solid wood, veneered wood, foil veneer options and a contemporary range that offers a more personalised option. View Coffins.

Ceremonial Vehicles

We have a fleet of Mercedes Hearse and limousines.


If burial is chosen either a new grave will have to be purchased and arranged to be opened or we will organise to have an existing grave opened.


There will be cremations forms to be completed and we will arrange with the relevant Doctors to complete the medical forms required. There are two Crematoriums in Northern Ireland, Roselawn Crematorium and Antrim & Newtownabbey Crematorium.